What Do They Believe - By Andrew Rappaport

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What do Jewish people believe? What do Muslims believe? Do you have answers ready for a Mormon or a Jehovah's Witness? Have you ever wished that there was a resource to review the systematic theology of other religions? Now there is one! Using mostly original sources, What Do They Believe? will help you to get an accurate understanding of what other religions believe.

Michael Abd El-Massih, founder and executive director of Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry: "I was glued to your description of Islam and its teaching and kept reading and reading. Well done you are an excellent writer and a researcher. I have read many books on Islam (at least 40 books or so, mostly in Arabic), and I can testify that the subject is well researched."

This book will quote original sources accepted as authoritative in each of the major Western religions or material generally accepted by most in that religion. People often study different religions in order to refute them. This book will attempt to explain what the belief systems are within the context of the religion, not the Christian context. The areas of focus will include the following:

´ View of Authority (Scriptures) ´

´ View of God (Trinity) ´

´ View of Sin (Man's Spiritual Condition) ´

´ View of Jesus Christ (Deity) ´

´ View of Eternal State (Heaven and Hell) ´

´ View of Salvation (How Does One Go to Heaven) ´


194 pages