The Great Pumpkin Gospel Tract - 100ct pckg (2 x 3-1/2)

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In the movie It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Linus spends every Halloween night waiting to see the Great Pumpkin. You see, Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin just like others believe in Santa Claus. He believes that this Great Pumpkin will rise from a pumpkin patch and give toys to all the children who have been good. But, there are two problems with his belief. The first is that the Great Pumpkin lives only in imagination. Linus is believing something that simply isn't true. The second problem is that none of us have been good. Oh sure, we sometimes think we are good when we compare ourselves to each other, but according to God's standard (The Ten Commandments), all of us have fallen short. Let's use the Ten Commandments to see how far we have fallen short... Is God first in your life? Do you love Him with "heart, mind, soul and strength?" Have you made a god to suit yourself? Have you used His name in vain? Have you always honored your parents? Have you lied (including fibs), stolen (the value is irrelevant), or coveted other people's things? It doesn't take long when looking at God's commands to see that we will all be guilty on Judgment Day. God, however, doesn't want to send us to Hell. Jesus Christ suffered and died on the Cross, so we could go free. Then He rose from the grave and defeated death. That's how much God loves us. If we repent (turn away from the things we know are wrong) and trust in Him, God will forgive us and grant us everlasting life. Begin living for God today! A great way to start is by reading your Bible daily (start with the book called John) and obey what you read. For more information please visit: