Resetting The Biblical Compass

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So what is a Biblical Compass?  Well, just as a compass is the most basic tool used for navigation, a biblical compass is the mental tool, our understanding, we use when we read God’s Word.  And just like in the wilderness, without a good compass there’s a good chance you will wander a bit or even get lost!  Have you ever had this happen?  Have you found that while you can “get to a few places” in your Biblical travels there is often a sense that you are missing out on an awful lot?  Have you had the suspicion that there was a lot of “deep” teaching in a passage you just read but you just can’t quite put it all together?  Does this turn your Bible time into a chore?  Don’t worry!  With a proper Biblical Compass, the high roads and scenic paths will be opened.  When we start reading the Bible the way it is meant to be read we will stop bumbling along and will instead be able to understand our Lord the way He wants, and the way He deserves.  And it will be enjoyable, too!  So pull up a chair, grab a tasty beverage and get to work on your Biblical Compass before you miss out on any more of God’s rich Biblical truths.