NBA Trivia Gospel Tract - 100ct pckg (2 x 3-1/2)

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The time clock of your life ticks down daily and one day your time will run out. What happens when your time is up? The Bible says we die once and then comes judgment. How will you score on the day you stand before God? Look at God's rules (The Ten Commandments) and see if you will be penalized in the end. Ever told a lie? Ever stolen anything? Ever looked with lust? God sees lust as adultery (Matt 5:27). Ever taken His name in vain? Just like basketball, if you break the rules you will be penalized and God's penalty for sin is eternity in the lake of fire (Hell). But because God so loved the world He made a way for you to be forgiven of your sins and to receive eternal life. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins and He raised Christ from the dead for you to receive eternal life. Will you receive this gift of divine love? Will you join the winning team or reject His grace and face the penalty of your sins by yourself? Jesus is the only one who played the perfect game. He's the only name under heaven by which a man may be saved (Acts 4:12). Pray this: "God, I repent of my sins (name them), I ask You to forgive me for them & receive by faith your gift of forgiveness of my sins and eternal life through Jesus Christ today. In Jesus' name Amen." For more information please visit