Fishing - Sportsmen - Gospel Tract - 100ct pckg (2 x 3-1/2)

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1.) 11 lb. 15 oz 2.) 55 lb. 1 oz. 3.) 126 lb. 6 oz. 4.) 14.86 lbs. 5.) 25 lb. 6.) 43 lb. 6 oz. 7.) 22 lb. 4 oz. We've all heard fish stories about the –one that got away, or the story of the big fish that grows a little more every time we tell it. It's funny when our friends do it. But there's another name for this: lying. Why do we lie about the fish we catch (or don't catch)? We want people to respect our abilities as anglers. It is not enough to tell the truth and rest in what God allowed us to experience. Selfishly we want people to think more of us; to wish that they were as smart as us. In short, we want people to admire us. But there is only One who is worthy of ultimate admiration: Jesus Christ. The Bible says that He alone is worthy of all power, strength, honor, glory and blessing (Rev. 5:12). Whose glory do you live for: yours or Jesus'? No wonder the Bible says that all liars shall have their part in the Lake of Fire (Rev. 21:8)! This same Jesus, God in the flesh, laid down His life for sinners. He was crushed for liars so that they could be declared innocent of their sins (2 Cor. 5:21). He rose from the dead and is alive. He will return to judge the world in righteousness (Acts 17:31). So what do you do? Turn from your sin (repent) and place your trust in Jesus for your salvation (Acts 3:19; Jn. 3:16). For more information visit: