Amazing Body Gospel Tract - 100ct pckg (2 x 3-1/2)

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Our bodies work in amazing ways! To read this card, your eyes are scanning, your brain is processing and storing data; meanwhile, you continue to breathe, blink, and much more is going on all at once in your wonderfully created body. How have you used your body throughout your life so far? Have you ever used your mouth to lie? Your hands to steal? Your heart to lust (adultery of the heart)? God, who created our bodies has given us His law (the 10 commandments) and we just went through three of them. Statistically, 10 out of 10 people die and 10 out of 10 have also not kept God s law. Your body may stop working at any moment! What happens then? It is appointed for man once to die and after this, the judgment (Heb 9:27). How will you do on judgment day by God s standard? If you are honest, you know you will be guilty on that day, with Hell being the punishment. God, however, does not want to send you to Hell. Jesus Christ suffered and died on the Cross, so you could go free. That?s how much God loves you. We broke His law, and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to take our punishment by dying on the cross for us. But that is not all He did. He then rose from the grave defeating death. If you repent (turn away from all the things you know are wrong) and trust in Him, God will forgive your sins and grant you everlasting life. Begin by reading your Bible daily and then obey what you read. God will never let you down. For more information please visit